Ex Machina (Movie) Review

Ex Machina is a 2015 Sci-fi Thiller directed by Alex Garland where an internet coder wins a competition wins a 1 week trip to a private mountain retreat owned by the CEO of the web company he works at before suddenly finding out he’s expected to participate in an experiment where he must interact with the worlds first true artificial intelligence, that’s housed in the body of a robot girl. Only watching because i never heard of it.

The movie starts very quickly with the man immediately winning and getting sent to the retreat, it also hints that its far in the future and that the CEO is unbelievably rich. It seemed to be good at giving you hints at their personalities although the main character (Caleb i think?) did seem a little bit boring. They were quick to get to the part with the AI too but considering the length of the movie I guess they needed to, the AI looked a bit dumb using ‘transparency’ to show robotic parts but to me it looked like way too much was missing for the supposed ‘True AI’ and therefore it broke my suspension of belief alot before anything even happened.

Like most Thrillers it uses buildup and hints at a something that would eventually happen aka a ‘payoff’ that would hopefully make the wait worth the time. I had to wonder if they’d try to make you think one thing before suddenly throwing in a plot twist because 30 minutes in they already had you doubting someone and you even had an excuse for why (Spoiler: He pretty much owns the planet). It also kept showing some other woman and you couldn’t help but wonder who she was too, although I did have  lot of ideas of what it could be (and one of them turned out to be true).

In fact it actually started getting really interesting and also a bit creepy when there was just over half an hour left and it finally hints at the ‘payoff’ and it actually is really interesting although you do notice it has a habit of showing naked woman. Sadly i felt the ending was a huge letdown which ruined the whole experience, they may call it a plot twist but i just think its dumb even if it was hinted at.

Overall its an OK movie but i don’t think i can recommend it because of the disappointing ending. If you do watch it though or have watched it tell me your opinion in the comments.


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