The Interview (Movie) Review

The Interview is  a 2014 action comedy directed by Evan Goldberg where 2 TV gossips show guys are somehow granted an interview with Kim Jong-un so the CIA decide its a good chance to have him assassinated. I only watched this because I was bored and assume I personally won’t like it.

The start of the movie with the lyrics did set the sort of strange but not really serious tone of the movie, even the scene straight afterwards seemed incredibly dumb and i wasn’t really sure if it was supposed to be funny or not. The buildup seemed they were trying too be serious but not at the same time and just ended up boring, at this point i was wondering if all the shit this movie got was really just something to get people to actually watch it.

In fact while it at least hints at action there really isn’t any comedy, sadly whoever made this seems to think random or dumb is funny and there was a few times where i ended up face-palming instead of laughing. In fact most of the stuff that happened just left me confused at why they even made it. You had to wonder if people would even go anywhere near it if it had fictional characters instead of the lookalikes they obviously are.

Well there was a bit of actual action near the end but that’s only if you actually survive long enough but still no comedy to be seen (in my personal opinion). Its definitely nowhere near the level of Birdemic (something i had the misfortune to watch for you) but it still felt like I wasted my time.

Overall an incredibly boring movie, for anyone curious about it just ignore it, I’ll probably forget it exists after a while anyway.


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