Into the Woods (Movie) Review

Into the Woods is a 2015 big screen rendition of Stephen Sondheim’s Broadway musical directed by Rob Marshall which takes from a handful of Grimm Fairytale’s. The plot consists of a Baker named Jack and his barren wife Jill who must go into the woods (obviously) in order to get four objects so that they can be granted a child by the Witch. As you’d guess its not that as all sorts of dangers lurk in the woods like a wolf and even a giantess (not a spoiler, its in the description…).

The songs start literally straight away and also shows of quite a large cast that you could immediately recognise like Jack & Jill, Jack (from Jack and the Beanstalk), Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood (although you could also recognise some ‘popular’ actors which isn’t always a good thing).In fact they almost never ended no matter what happened which might happen all the time (I rarely watch movie and therefore almost never watch musicals) but its still quite cool.

It really likes to jump between characters but it never feels rushed, in fact the interesting locations sort of make it wonder how it would even get done on a stage although the narrator that sets the scene every now and then is an obvious leftover of it. I was quite enjoying the music (even if some it seemed a bit dumb) and the story itself was quite good even if you ignored all of that. What was most surprising was how all the stories seemed to work together.

The sudden plot twist just over an hour in was quite cool when you thought it was over (even if checking how much time the movie has sort of ruins it). In fact it happens after all the original stories had ended so it was quite interesting as you didn’t know what would happen. Although i wasn’t a huge fan of how it ended it was still enjoyable.

Overall its quite a good musical that I could recommend to watch, although i have a feeling you’d probably not watch it ever again after the first time.


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