The Adventurer: Curse of the Midas Box (Movie) Review

The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box is a 2013 movie based on the story by GP Taylor and directed by Jonathan Newman. The plot consists on teenage boy Mariah Mundi (i think it sounds dumb) suddenly getting plunged into a world of magic and adventure when his parents and younger brother disappear only to learn that their fate has something to do something known as the Midas Box, a source of untold riches and dark power. Another random movie i decided to watch.

The start seemed to be interesting with hints at what the movie was about and the characters seem to be well designed although there was a few weird things (like their dumb sounding names) and the movie builds up quite slowly. There was definitely a lot of different locations and characters and the music help set each scene although not much happens when you think about it. There’s also a few things that seem like total coincidences but you can ignore them.

What really bugged me though was how the movie description promises magic but doesn’t even hint at it until over 30 mins into the movie with a tiny glimpse at something but at least it seemed like it was starting to get better at that point and he even seems to get a love interest (although that’s something that’s perhaps done too often). Although by better I don’t mean more action or magic because there wasn’t much, in fact it was more of a mystery with both the search for the box and the supposed search for his brother.

In fact its not exactly anything special before the last 20 minutes when the tension kicks up with 3 different things happening at once with a few nice (but possibly obvious) things although there was also things that didn’t happen and the sequel bait was way too obvious (except the plot twist).

Overall its an ok movie but definitely not something I’d watch a second time. Because of that i can’t help but wonder if this ever will get a sequel like it blatantly wants to have.


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