Rygar (NES) Retro Review

Rygar is a 1987 sidescrolling platformer for the NES developed and published by Tecmo. According to the console manuals Ligar, an Evil being, has taken over the land of Argool and Rygar, a warrior that risen from his grave, must stop him with various weapons including his main weapon known as the Diskarmor (A shield with a long chain attached to it).

The logo definitely looks ok but there’s no music and the only option is start so there’s nothing to talk about. There isn’t even demo play if you leave it on there.


Starting the game its hard to notice the decent graphics and the kinda annoyingly repetitive music because of how you immediately start getting attacked by infinitely spawning enemies from either side of the screen. Luckily the controls are not only easy but your attack has decent range and your jump is decent with control in the air as well as the fact you can stun enemies by landing on them (making a pacifist run seem surprisingly possible…). In fact early on i found the enemies were highly exploitable if one side has a hole or something, you can just keep killing the enemies on one side. Not only does this raise the ‘Last’ number in the Pause screen (which has some interesting looking empty boxes and ‘Potential’) you can also get health pickups if you die easily like me. Some people may hate exploiting a game like that but considering there seems to be no continues I’d jump at stuff like that and I’m happy its there. I even tested its potential at x16 times speed and eventually found myself with 2 extra hitpoints (5 instead of 3).


Doors let you into room with huge guys that tell you hints at where to go and at first i was a bit confused but then I later found out about the map like sections. These are basically a 3d version of the gameplay before with all the controls being the same and was definitely a nice surprise to me. Its a bit confusing to find where you want to go though even with the hints but its still quite enjoyable if you ignore how easy it is to kill yourself by jumping in the water. It was still quite fun even though i needed to get more weapons (which i assume are good).

Overall its a pretty decent game but the lack of continues or lives makes it only worth trying.


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