I, Frankenstein (Movie) Review

I, Frankenstein is a 2014 gothic sci-fi directed by Stuart Beattie where Frankenstein’s monster, now known as Adam, is recruited by the ‘Gargoyles’ after wandering the earth for 200 years in order to face the threat of evil Demons. I’m not sure i remember hearing good reviews about this but i thought i’d watch it anyway.

From the start they seemed to try and interest the watchers with decent looking locations and nice music but i immediately thought the CGI looked a little off. The action started quite quickly and i hoped that this would be a stepping stone compared to the rest of the movie and not something to create false hype. There was definitely a lot of it though and you never had to wait that long until battles with quite a large one happening just over 20 minutes in. The idea that demons get ‘descended’ and Gargoyles get ‘ascended’ was an interesting twist instead of merely saying they die.

There was a few things i thought was incredibly dumb like the Gargoyles symbol that can supposedly just be carved on to anything to make them able to ‘descend’ demons (which i guess could include guns if you sat and did it on every single bullet). There was also the thing about bringing people back to life practically being jolt them alive with some electric to jolt them alive with loads of electricity although that’s basically what happened in the original story so it can be sort of ignored.

When you first see the Female scientist you can almost guess she’d probably be a love interest or at least a main character it seems she gets quite important, at least they gave a logical reason to have a love interest in the film and didn’t just leave it as a seemingly pointless addition like most movies. While the fights seem cool some of the character some stuff seems a bit dumb which sort of degrade the plot even if movies like this tend to focus more on the action and admittedly it was quite enjoyable to watch. The tension in the last part was amazing coupled with great visuals too although the title drop at the very end was just stupid.

Overall an enjoyable movie, there’s alot of good points and while there is also some bad points i can definitely recommend watching it once if you like this sort of stuff.


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