My GodMode series (aka cheating in videogames)

Over 15 months ago when i had a PC and had my own Retrogaming YouTube channel I decided in order to seem slightly unique I’d need my own series. I definitely wasn’t skilled so tips and tricks were impossible and while i love exploring or acting like an idiot in games there was nothing interesting about it. But there was something that I absolutely loved about videogames: Cheating, i even own a physical cheat device for PS1 for example.

Ever since i first had an emulator I’d mess around with things to get what i want and while romhacking isn’t impossible to do i always felt using what was already there was so much more satisfying. I also believed that being called GodMode meant that they had to be far better than a simple Infinite Lives/Health cheat, they had to feel overpowered especially compared to the usual and thats when i created the first (and best) of the series:

I had a very old PC so not only could i not play anything newer than 2005 but it also refused to record NES games because of how all of the emulators are built, this meant the games i had planned weren’t possible (Castlevania being one of them). Instead i chose Castlevania IV which i had played alot and continuously experimented until i got what you see in the above video and i was seriously proud about it.

It took a surprising amount of time on what was meant to be the second video so i decided to cheat in a fighting game but when i worked out how to make all enemies start with no health aka get killed in 1 hit i also realised there wasn’t any other cheats i could do. Because of this i got bored and used my the other tools of the SNES emulator and created ‘cheat’ codes to change each of Haggar’s colors until he became black (because i thought no-one else would so something that random). Sadly not my best out of the 4 i made.

The 3rd video was actually meant to be a 2 parter as i was trying to make a video at least near the level of my first GodMode video (considering its the other SNES Castlevania) but stumbled across a cheat so overpowered while i was experimenting that all other cheats were pointless while it was on. Sadly though GodMode Episode 3.2 never got uploaded and vanished along with my hard drive when my PC died.

The last episode in the series was quite a simple one and i had honestly had much more complicated plans for it when i had first started research (yes, i research the code in the game and even keep documentation in a few cases). What you see there was all i could come up with but I’d be happy to try again at some point if i could.

Thanks for reading, i had been meaning to show people these videos for a very  time. I know its practically dead but alot of people don’t know that i had a YouTube channel and that honestly made me a bit sad so i thought I’d show you what sort of stuff i used to make. Perhaps give me some feedback on them, I’m determined that one day in the far future I’ll be able to make them again.


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