Lethal Weapon (Movie) Review

Lethal Weapon is a 1987 thriller directed by Richard Donner where a veteran detective, Sergeant Murtaugh, who hopes to get a peaceful retirement is suddenly partnered with Martin Riggs aka ‘the loosest cannon in the LAPD’ (according to the description). I think i once watched this a really long time ago but i thought I’d rewatch it.

Some people might find it really weird that the movie starts with Jingle Bell Rock as the music in the opening credits despite not even looking anything like Christmas (although it supposedly was near it) , it even shows a surprising amount of tits for seemingly no reason as the main point was she was a drug taker that killed herself. You have to wonder if the next scenes with Murtaugh being in the bath and Martin literally being naked was on purpose as a balance to that. It was still really weird and unnecessary though even if it did give you a good idea of their personalities.

It did really well to set up the main part of the movie and just how different they are although it also shows that Martin was probably not always like past, the music used in the background is also quite good which makes it better. It builds up quite well with them seemingly hating each other but its nice to see them opening up to each other, i also noticed at this point it also likes to switch up the camera angles alot.

What was strange was that it almost seems like not much happens in the first half of the movie but its still slightly enjoyable to watch and the second half where it picks up is far better and worth the wait. Although i suspect anyone that assumed that there’d be more action probably would of stopped watching quite a while ago. In fact even when the action is about to start it can feel a bit slow but when the shooting finally starts its quite cool.

There’s so much shooting in the last 30 mins that you could say the entire hour before that was nothing but a buildup to it, i definitely enjoyed it especially how the bad guys died the end (not a spoiler because you knew it would happen). They even give you a cool hand to hand combat sequence which wasn’t really needed but I’m glad they had it.

Overall quite an enjoyable movie, starts off quite slowly so it might not appeal to those that like alot of action but the part is definitely worth waiting for. Not entirely sure I’d ever rewatch it though.


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