Devil World (NES) Retro Review

Devil World is a 1987 maze game for the NES developed and published by Nintendo. While it is similar to Pacman in a few ways there’s also alot of differences (it pisses me off when people call every maze game a Pacman clone). Note this game didn’t get released because of Nintendo of America’s strict (and dumb) policies on the use of religious icons in games.

Very simplistic title screen with a sort of boring logo (although it does match the ingame devil) and a passable small tune. It switches to demo play incredibly fast but also swaps back off it just as fast in most cases because the AI controlling the players is very stupid. 2 player mode in this game is a co-op style game where the 2nd player merely plays as a red version of the 1 player character (a green ‘dragon’ known as Taragon).

Getting into the game the graphics looked passable although the music (if there actually was any) got drowned out my all of the sound effects. Controls were easy to get used to although people might find it weird that you’ll keep going in the direction you chose until you change direction or hit a wall. The gameplay is the weirdest thing about the game though, while there are pellets that you may recognise you need to have a cross in order to pick them although that was fine. With the cross you could also kill the little monster things by shooting a fireball that could go through maze walls which seemed almost cheating even if you couldn’t purposely turn towards walls. However the main gimmick of this game was the maze itself moves via random commands from the devil at the top of the screen, sadly while it was interesting and added a layer of difficulty it could also get annoying in a few cases.

Each stage was actually split into 3, the first is where you have to collect crosses and pick up all the dots which is the Pacman like part. The 2nd part is more simple where there’s no pellets, all you do is pick up the bible’s (lets you shoot fire like crosses) and slot them into the gaps in the big red block. Its almost too easy so I didn’t really enjoy it. The 3rd part is a bonus stage where you collect as many bonus boxes within 30 seconds although the interesting thing about this part is the devil is gone and you actually control the maze via arrows dotted around on the floor. After that you finally go to stage 2 and do it all again, sadly i had gotten kinda bored already at that time.

Overall its not a bad game but its complexity as well as the fact that it can be seen as both hard and easy means it can get easily boring. I can easily say its not a clone of Pacman.


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