Pinocchio (Movie) Review

Pinocchio is a 1940 animated film directed by Hamilton Luske about a puppet called Pinocchio who dreams of being a real boy. I decided to watch this with Nan since she loves the old cartoon movies.

The start of the movie was a bit weird although it was quite nice, in fact the animation was surprisingly good for its age and obviously the music holds up too. In fact old movies are basically made by the music which is a charm only these sorts of movies seem to have. The characters are quite enjoyable from the very beginning even without any real backstories (although sometimes you wonder about how Gepetto ended up in his situation).

Although the use of humanised (?) animals alongside proper looking ones was definitely strange although you almost can’t think of it working any other way, you just knew who the villains were but they played their part well. You felt sorry for Gepetto almost from the start of the movie just thinking about what he does in the background for the whole time. It was also quite clever in how it did things like and the morals it gave the watcher like don’t like or your nose will grow big or don’t act like a jackass or you’ll become an actual ass (aka Donkey).

The story was quite interesting and while there seemed to be a few plotholes you could easily ignore them and carry on enjoying the movie, what i found weird was how the plot would seem random if you first watched it but its unbelievably memorable which i guess is a good thing but it does sort of mean rewatching it isn’t so good.

Overall its a very enjoyable and worth checking out if you somehow haven’t watched but i probably wouldn’t rewatch unless you’re with other people.


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