Mighty Bomb Jack (NES) Retro Review

Mighty Bomb Jack is a 1987 platform game developed and published by Tecmo. The plot consist of Jack, the protagonist, making his way through a pyramid in order to defeat Belzebut and rescue the Royal Pamera family. Note this game is a sequel to the arcade only Bomb Jack but lifts alot of level designs from it.

The title screens actually really nice with an ok logo and a cool background (if you can ignore how the tree’s on the left look) and when you press start you see Jack jump down into the pyramid. Its a bit sad that theres mno sound at all and it keeps swapping to a boring Trademark/Licensed screen.

Getting into the game the graphics seemed ok and the music seemed passable. Controls seemed like they’d be easy to work out but people that go in blind like me would be surprised that you don’t seem to actually use bombs but merely collect them. Instead you can collect Mighty Coins from chests which allow you to use B to go up a power level which seems a bit weird. To open chests And speaking of jumps yours is insanely high to the point you can almost jump the height of the screen but considering the seemingly random shapeshifting enemies that kill you in one hit (which is sort of cool) I’m glad you do. Winning these parts takes you to another part of the level that mimics the original Bomb Jack.

The second part of the stage consisted of merely collecting bombs within a room while dodging enemies but it wasn’t that simple. What i found quite interesting is if you look out for Bombs with their fuse lit and collect them instead you’ll get alot more points than merely collecting them in any order. Its a nice little extra when you think the game could of easily been ok with just the action parts.

However that wasn’t even scratching the surface of whats interesting about this game, not only is it full of secrets like 2 Crystal Balls and 5 Secret Coins which give you a better ending (which are supposedly easier to find in the non-japanese version) there’s also an ‘Anti-Greed’ system in the game. Said Anti-Greed system kicks in if you try to get more than 99 seconds of time (via Mighty Drink) or over 9 Mighty Coins so its admittedly easy to avoid but anyone careless enough to do it is sent to a large ‘Torture Chamber in which they must jump 50 times to escape with the usual 4 enemies tring to kill you (also note that my M coins reset to 0). The cool thing is I could legitly believe a Pyramid owned by an evil demon would have something like that.

Overall its a very enjoyable game although its also supposedly very hard (theres no continues for example) but either way i can recommend at least trying it at some point.


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