Home (Movie) Review

Home is a 2015 animated movie directed by Tim Johnson set on a fictional earth that had been colonised by aliens called the Boov. The plot revolves around Tip, a teenage girl, and Oh, a misfit among Boov’s that just wants friendship as well as the Gorg, predatory aliens that want to hunt them (i assume). Note this is literally just a random movie I watched.

The start makes me immediately realise why some people avoid this movie, while i usually don’t care about actors i still recognise the actual voices and I’m convinced Oh’s voice actor was one of the people from a show called The Big Bang Theory (which i do not like at all). However one thing people don’t like about him is that his voice can sound quite annoying and considering the reason the character Oh got his name it seemed like it fit at first (although his weird way of speaking made him  almost too annoying to handle). The animation was definitely quite decent though and the music was OK.

In fact the whole alien race was actually quite interesting although the fact it was a family film was almost too obvious. And it just seemed so random and weird that it was hard to really say anything really happened. I’m not saying it wasn’t enjoyable but there was nothing that really stood out and therefore it was also hard to review. You also had to wonder how the cast was chosen, it was almost obvious Rihanna did it for the money considering there’s a scene in the car when they turn on the radio and it just happens to be one of her songs (and most ofthe other songs seemed to be hers too).

In fact the whole movie went like that and while the end was sort of interesting it was just like everything else, not exactly memorable at all.

Overall you could maybe watch this if you’re bored but you’ll probably forget about it quickly and you’ll never want to rewatch it.


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