Kingsman: The Secret Service (Movie) Review

Kingsman: The Secret Service is a 2015 Spy Caper directed by Matthew Vaughn where a ‘Gentleman Spy’ known as Harry Hart recruits a ‘yob’ called Gary aka Eggsy to Kingsmen, an elite British Intelligence network in a bid to stop the plans of a deranged tech billionaire. It was sort of obvious this wasn’t something you should take seriously especially if you consider Matthew Vaughn also directed the Superhero spoof Kick-Ass.

The start was sort of OK but it did feel like it was rushing to introduce people although it was still quite cool for obvious reasons and the woman’s killer prosthetic legs were definitely an interesting idea. The main villain seemed a bit weird although considering the main character isn’t what you’d usually see in a Spy Caper its nice to know they aren’t using the generic kind. He definitely showed some skill with the backwards driving and they even had a scene where they mention Eggsy is basically meant to be a prodigy (Good grades, decent at gymnastics, got halfway through Marines training) but screwed himself over. I wasn’t really a fan of some of the music used in the movie but i had to admit it fit the character.

When you think about it there isn’t much action within the first half of the movie but the 2 times it happens were amazing and it did quite well to build everything up and the spy training was definitely interesting too and there was more action in between too. The spelling mistake of Worldwide as Wordlwide on a fictional Sky News headline was a bit concerning but the strangest thing is its only there when its full screen, when it shows them watching the TV its correct. There was alot of twists too which were good but sometimes you can’t help but wonder if they’re trying to hard to surprise you.

However you instantly forget about that soon after with an awesome action sequence that happens with an insane amount of violence although its also quite sad. You could also say this is when the movie truly starts and Eggsy (and Roxy) gets their own action which was just as awesome as you’d expect especially the fight with the prosthetics women. The scene after seemed a bit sudden and unnecessary but almost something you’d assume would happen if you think about James bond. The last scene was quite cool too.

Overall its quite an enjoyable movie, perhaps not something you’d watch more than once but definitely something i can recommend if you like this sort of stuff.


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