Kid Icarus (NES) Retro Review

Kid Icarus is an 1987 Action Platformer developed and published by Nintendo. The plot follows Pit in his quest to find 3 sacred treasures needed to save Angel Land and its ruler Palutena.

The scrolling start screen was quite weird as it continuously scrolled up between a nice looking logo and an almost empty screen with “Push Start Button”, the tune in the background was ok too. Strangely enough you get the ‘Start’ and ‘Continue options after you get start on another almost empty screen with no music at all.

Getting into the game i felt the graphics looked ok but some of the colors did look a bit odd, as for music its pretty decent. Controls are very easy to get used to like shooting arrows and jumping as well as the fact you can change direction while jumping but the fact you can only shoot left, right and up was a bit weird. There was also a few other things i didn’t like that much to start with, most notable being the weirdly tiny life bar and the fact the bottom of the screen immediately become a hole to your death. This was made worse by the fact you could hit your head on the ceiling which prctically stopped your jump bmaking you fall. Something i really hate though is this games password system, it definitely doesn’t look like something any normal person would remember. Although i at least started to get used to it after a while.

The reason i didn’t quit straight away after the problems i found at first wasn’t just because i obviously hadn’t properly played it yet but also the fact that the titlestart pause screen suggests you get powerups and i had yet to work out what hearts wre for until i found an expensive looking shop. There was also the fact you had infinite lives/continues as wheever you died you’d be sent to the beginning of th level you were on with how many hearts you had at the beginning (so you don’t lose them all). On top of that i found out there was 4 different endings you could get too. Sadly none of this really interested me and i just sort of gave up after a while.

Overall probably not a very bad game but i personally don’t like it and therefore can’t recommend it either.


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