The Terminator (Movie) Review

The Terminator is a 1984 Sci-fi Thriller directed by James Cameron (and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger) where a robot from the is sent back to the past in order to assassinate a woman called Sarah Connor who hold’s the key to humanity’s future.

At the very start of the movie you could tell the special effects had aged but the imagery of robots seemingly driving over a sea of skulls is still as powerful as ever which definitely helps set up the movie. Except the Naked Schwarzenegger part, it does sort of make sense if you assume it was to save energy or something dumb and it does give you the cool scene of him instantly killing some street thug but its still weird (and that’s not even considering the other naked guy straight afterwards…). Definitely a strange way to start but it was interesting (and you see tits for no real reason later so its all fair even if i don’t care about that sort of stuff).

Sarah Connor’s introduction somehow made the intensity increase on top of what the other characters were doing because you knew that as soon as they meet it would all start going crazy (or more crazy when you think about what they’re already doing and that ‘flashback’ scene with the pretty cool visuals and background music). It goes slowly but also gets dark quite fast  before truly starting just past the half hour mark (with a quite lengthy but cool car chase) in which we also get a brief but nice pause with some background info about the ‘Terminator’ and why he’s after Sarah.

In fact it does seem to love to use brief pauses in order to make the action stand out more and with the awesome music i can easily say it works. While even the Terminators technology seems outdated (just keep an eye on the computer text when it looks through his view) he still looks completely unstoppable as well as the other one in the ‘flashback’. The false ending where you think they’ve won and the movie’s over was cool but watching it digitally ruined it as you could tell how much time was left which was still about 15 minutes at that point. Although by then Schwarzenegger’s role had ended and it was just a robot but that didn’t stop the last part being amazing. It basically screamed for a sequel and I’m happy that it got one.

Overall i really like the movie, while the special effects have definitely aged its clever use of pauses and decent soundtrack among other things (note i don’t care about actors) make this something definitely worth watching at least once.


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