Burger Time (NES) Retro Review

Burger Time is a 1987 game for the NES developed and published by Data East. The aim of the game is for the player (aka Chef Peter Pepper) to walk over the ingredients so that they fall down into the trays and make a complete burger whilst dodging the enemies.

The title/menu screen looked ok but it was completely silent and the fact Data East was wrttien twice looked weird. Even the demo play you see if you leave it a few seconds didn’t have any sound. The game uses the ‘Take Turns’ type of 2 player so i’m not missing out on anything.

Getting into the game you could tell Burger Time was a port of a far older version because of the weird horizontal lines that are actually ladders, the rest looks ok though even if its very simplistic. The music got annoying very quickly though as it was a tiny tune that looped forever. As for gameplay, controls were very easy to work and and the realisation trhat you could squish enemies under the ingredients was awesome. You also get a certain amount of pepper that you can use to temporarily stun enemies which is nice although if you think of it as pepper spray it seems weird.

After trying multiple times i realised a few things i didn’t really like. First of all the game is extremely specific about when you can walk off ladders, this has caused me to lose simply because i’m what seems like one pixel above/below where i should be. Secondly, while the pepper is useful you get swarmed so easily that its almost pointless because you end up using most of it on the first life before every other life getting destroyed. However despite these problems i didn’t hate it, perhaps i’d try to get a bit better at it but just not right now.

Overall its an ok game but it does have problems, maybe give it a try if you’re bored.


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