Rush’n Attack (NES) Retro Review

Rush’n Attack (originally known as Green Beret in Europe and Japan) is a 1987 action platformer for the NES developed and published by Konami. Its said to be well remembered among Retrogamers for being set during the cold war and the players reliance on a knife in order to kill enemies.

The title screen is ok although theres a lack of sound and you don’t even get a few seconds to look at it before it goes to demo play. 2 player was co-op which took me by surprise for some reason as iactually expecrted it to be the take turns type. I’m not always a big fan of demo play because now and then it gets a bit spoilerish.

Getting into the game i found the small message kinda nice, interesting point being that the plot of the original version was to save prisoners instead of destroying a secret weapon. Despite the graphics being repetitive i still found it quite nice and the music was very enjoyable too. Controls were incredibly easy to get used to and the jump was surprisingly easy to use despite using up on the D-pad, one thing that bugged me though was that you didn’t have an air attack so jumping into enemies was very easy to do. Reason jump was up was because the weapons you could pick up couldn’t be used that much so they let you carry on using the knife until you want to want to use them. One thing that annoys me a bit is the fact the player is a glass cannon as you expect from games this old, just dying because a person ran into you seems really stupid. Luckily there is checkpoints though so is not that evil and enemies don’t seem to change platform so its possible to dodge some of them completely which is useful for someone like me that doesn’t really care about high scores.

Playing a bit longer i realised something a bit awkward, despite the games name rushing was probably the worst thing you could do (and the name Green Beret isn’t even relevant anymore). Going too far ahead gives you little time to react to whats in front of you and the enemies are also slightly faster than you meaning you have to stop and continuously defeat the ones behind you anyway. They are very easy to defeat since you attack with almost no pauses but its bound to get on some peoples nerves after a while, not for me though since I’m great at mashing buttons for long periods of time. Like usual i wasn’t able to actually play 2 player but it was easy to assume it’d be more fun if both players were skilled. You could either do your best to beat each others high score or perhaps even assign each player a side of the screen among other little things. I’ve got to try it at some point.

Overall i can recommend this game, it has a few little things that may annoy some people but its ultimately a very good and enjoyable game.


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