Volleyball (NES) Retro Review

Volleyball is a 1987 volleyball game for the NES developed by Nintendo and Pax Softnica before being published by Nintendo. The Player controls a team of 6 players (3 in front, 3 in the back) and can choose their teams gender.

The title screen was quite nice with the two players hitting the ball back and forth although i’m not that much of a fan of flashing logos. The little tune was also ok but not somethng you’d download. What i found strange was that it has two options with Game leading to options and training which was essentially a game with no points limit or time (which could of been useful). Said options screen confused me as women/men had seperate choices instead of a simple toggle and i was convinced i was stuck playing as USA and could only pick the opponent from the remaining seven. It didn’t annoy me that much though.

Getting into an actual game i confirmed that there was literally no difference between teams other than the color so it never mattered if i could choose or not, even the crowd and referees consisted of clones. As for music i couldn’t tell if it was good or not because of the annoying beeps that played whener someone scored. My first game went beyond terrible, not only was i still working out the controls but for some reason i had almost no reaction time and kept getting detroyed via service aces. I just couldn’t work out who you control and you seemed to control 2 at a time which made it more confusing in my opinion.

I kept playing until i finally scored once and it too so long that i just couldn’t be bothered to try to get another. The AI just kept getting really good aces and unless you can nail the insane timing and positioning needed to do a spike you might as well not even try to play ths game. In other words while its mostly caused by my lack of skill I still hate this game.

Overall i cannot recommend this game, i’m sure some people out there like this but all it did was get on my nerves. You won’t see me trying this again any time soon.


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