Slalom (NES) Retro Review

Slalom is a 1987 skiing game for the NES developed by Rare and published by Nintendo. The game was supposedly the first NES game to be developed outside of Japan.

The title screen was quite nice although the tune wasn’t that good,it also skips to demo play quite fast like alot of other games although the AI was noticeably unreliable sometimes even crashing straight away. The game has 3 courses to choose from by the looks of it and the names give a good idea of how difficult they are.

Getting into gameplay i noticed a few things that bugged me about the graphics, while the background was ok you ultimately didn’t feel as if you were going down a hill and for some reaon it looked like your character had a big ass. The controls were quite easy to work out though with left/right to sterr, A/B to jump and forwards to go faster (never checked if down slows you because just like Mach Rider not going as fast as possible basically makes you lose before you’ve even realised). That noise that happens every times you crash is quite annoying too.

As the difficulty goes up there is more obstacles and turns including what seems to be snowmen, however the background stays exactly the same causing it to feel repetitive after a while. In fact i seemed to find the second level almost impossible no mater what cousrse i chose which made it worse. The leaderboards ingame didn’t make me want to try any harder either.

Overall i don’t think this is a very good game and i can’t recommend it. Supoosedly back when it released some reviewers thought it was rushed and i can’t help but agree with that, it probably could of been much better with just a few tiny additions.


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