Pro Wrestling (NES) Retro Review

Pro Wrestling is a 1987 wrestling game for the NES developed and published by Nintendo. It was the third wrestling game to be released (after M.U.S.C.L.E and Tag Team Racing).

The title logo was quite simplistic but pretty decent, what was cool though was the stats of all the fighters that it flicks through if you leave it a little while. Pressing start then brings you to a 1p/2p select although someone going in without a manual might not realise that you also choose your character on the screen with left and right. As the first character there i chose to play as Fighter Hayabusa first.

Getting into gameplay i found the graphics and music both passable but the controls definitely weren’t something you could guess. I mostly ended up doing punches and jump kicks while the AI done grabs/throws and loved to jump from the corner although i did do them purely by chance a few times. This kept happening until they decided to pin me because i didn’t notice any sort of sign of health or anything on the screen. This kind of put me off although i was motivated enough to at least try and work out the attacks.

However it didn’t really help that much, at some point i managed to sort of learn moves as i was doing grabs and special moves quite alot and i had to admit it almost seemed fun although there was a few problems. The lack of a health bar (or stamina) meant you neve knew how long a match was going to last and i kept getting my potential wins taken from me. Even when it felt like i was destroying them they’d suddenly start doing crazy things and there was a definite case of AI cheats when you consider the insane speed the AI will pin you immediately after attacking you. In other words any enjoyment vanishes very quickly if you aren’t very good at this game.

Overall perhaps this is another game that isn’t actually bad, its just not something i would personally choose and therefore its obvious why i wasn’t very good at it either.


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