Little Nemo: The Dream Master (NES) Retro Review

Little Nemo: The Dream Master (or “Pajama Hero Nemo” in Japan) is a 1990 platform game for the NES developed and published by Capcom. The plot consists of a young boy called Nemo travelling to slumberland via dreaming to travel to nightmare land and rescue morpheus, king of slumberland, from the nightmare king.

The game starts with an opening cutscene where a messenger invites Nemo to slumberland in order to be the princess’ playmate, although the strangest thing wasn’t the fact he was picked up via blimp but the fact that this happens specifically in 1905 in New York. As for the title screen, it was pretty nice looking and there was a little jingle but it shows you demo play quite fast. As for options its just the simple Start and Continue like most old games have.

When you first start the game you notice that the graphics are ok but theres a lack of a background, the music sounds ok though. Controls are easy to get used to and a character known as flip explains ‘riding’ animals although that is also something that bugs me a bit about this game. Basically to ride something you feed them sweets but instead of what you’d expect theres a few cases where it looks like you put them asleep before essentially wearing their corpse as a costume. Other than that though the powers are quite decent and does allow for some level of tactics. The game also rewards exploration which as you might know is something i love.

As for exploration you’re meant to search for keys throughout the level which makes each creature almost necessary to beat the level. After a while you do notice that not only can the enemies be really annoying but there is also instant death stuff like spikes which seemed a bit unfair since you could easily be knocked into them. Also the knockback can throw you down holes in some places although its nowhere near as bad as castlevania. However both combined do ruin the potential enjoyment of the game and i ended up giving up after being killed by those sorts of reasons.

Overall its an ok game but some things can get on your nerves if you don’t get used to them almost straight away. I do think its possibly recommendable though (I’m sure I actually own a physical copy myself).


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