Awesome Idea: Audio Conversions of Text Adventures!

[Note this article is a WIP, so it has sections marked in [] where i plan to add content]

Retrogamers like me would know graphics aren’t everything and nothing put that point across better than a text adventure. While it may have been a huge illusion of choice in places they always had different ways to keep you occupied from awesome story telling to outright hilarious replies to things you wouldn’t expect. I was wondering if any of the old ones would come back which ultimately led me to a realization, blind people and those with reading problems have never got to play these games. And that’s when the idea hit me.

Technology has gotten far these days, not only do we have audio books but there’s also voice to text input which allows phone users in particular to do things like search google without typing anything in. This made me think that by essentially mixing the idea of an audio book and voice to text together its possible to not only deliver these games to to people with reading difficulties or poor/lack of eyesight for what may be the first time ever. In fact I’m sure a lot of people would love having an audio version without having any of these problems too (I know i would).

[I want to put some examples of text adventures here but my android tablets is being very annoying]

I also asked a few people that have written text adventures to give me their opinions on the idea:

Douglas Johnson, someone that was nice enough to answer my question for what his favorite games were said he liked the idea although he wasn’t sure how they’d work.

Graham Cluley, creator of well known games like Jaccaranda Jim and Humbug (both playable on his site) is aware that some people can now play games thanks to software and thinks its a good thing.

What do you think of the idea? I personally think it would take a lot of effort with games likely needing to be rebuilt from scratch and finding people willing to do a lot of reading. Considering what the idea is aimed at perhaps i should treat it as some sort of charity-like effort and find like minded people that’d be willing to participate although I’m not entirely sure I’m someone that wants to have that sort of responsibility if it goes wrong. Either way I’m willing to stick with it if other people do. Thanks for reading πŸ˜€


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