Trojan (NES) Retro Review

Trojan (Tatakai no Banka in Japan) is a 1987 side scrolling action game for the NES developed and published by Capcom. Its plot consists of a warrior (that has a sword and a shield plus apparently knows martial arts) living in a post apocalyptic future after a huge nuclear war that has been tasked with taking down an evil dictator.

The title/menu screen is quite simplistic but is also quite nice although the absolute silence isn’t that good. The fact the AI player gets completly slaughtered very quickly during demo play made me worry about the games difficulty before i had even tried it myself. Also it was nice to see alongside the generic 1 and 2 player selections theres also a “V.S Game” which is literally both players fighting eachother.

Getting into the game the graphics were decent for its age and the music wasn’t that bad although definitely not memorable. Controls are very easy to get used to which is great considering you’re immediately flooded with enemies from both sides of the screens. Because of this it was very quick in giving me a reason to hate it, there were projectile throwers and while you obviously had the shield and could hit them with the sword as well the other enemies would attack you whilst you were doing it (and theres bomb throwers too). I guess i can’t fault them for having plenty of enemy types but they could of at least waited a bit. Theres also boss enemies with their own health bar under yours and they tend to be projectile throwers too. The thing that made me give up soon after was finding out why the plot mentions he knows martial arts, the projectile throwers just happen to have an attack that makes you lose your sword and shield and its pretty much impossible to get it back. Perhaps I’d like this game more if i was good at it but as of now it just annoys me.

Might as well have a closer look at V.S Game, its really is as simple as i said earlier with both players fighting each other although i’d say only having one opponent with nothing getting thrown at you is a breath of fresh air even if you’ll probably just spam buttons alot.

Overall not a game  personally like because of the habit alot of older games have with flooding players with enemies. Perhaps I’ll try again in the future when i’m not stuck playing it on an android tablet via a bluetooth keyboard.


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