Karate Champ (NES) Retro Review

Karate Champ is a 1986 fighting game for the NES developed by Technõs Japan and published by Data East. It is a simple 2d fighter where the player and the AI compete to land successful hits. Each hit gives 0.5-1 point per hit and the first to 2 wins. Note the NES port is based on the Player vs Player version of the arcade game which has changes like AI improvements and fight locations.


I didn’t really like how the logo flashed alot although it doesn’t actually stay on it very long before going to an AI vs AI fight which seems random but i couldn’t tell. Music played i the background for quite a while which was very different to the tiny jingles that the other games had. As for choices you have the generic 1 player and 2 player so no explanation needed.


When getting into the game it took awhile to get used to the controls and the sudden lack of music, the graphics seemed ok though for its age. A seemed to attack right while B attacked left and i couldn’t work out what changes what kind of attack you use. I did manage to get points but it definitely wasn’t a good first impression.

Even when i managed to win once and got a better idea of the attacks (high, middle, low) it still felt like luck played a huge part, even the AI looked incredibly random. Because of this it started to feel repetitive very fast. I gave up after around 5 tries because of how bored i got. Note i couldn’t review 2 player because i don’t have anyone to play with (like usual).

Overall some people might enjoy this but i personally can’t recommend it even if its said to be the grndad to a lot of modern fighters.


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