Game of Thrones (XBLA) Episode 1 Review

So Telltale games is currently giving away the first episode of each off its series for free and while i’m not a big fan i thought i might as well review them. Although i have to confess something, i’ve never actually watched any of the Game of Thrones series, mainly because i rarely watch TV and secondly because i don’t have the money to buy any. The game is a story based game where you make dialogue choices and do quicktime events to get different outcomes (although i doubt they’re that different). I don’t really like these types of games at all.

Graphically its OK but nothing really jumped out at me which made sense for an XBLA title, do note my TV is sort of old and only really can go to 720p. There was noticeable glitching around characters which is probably because of the lighting system. Although as I know cel shading is far more taxing than you’d think i assumed they might not have been able to do better. Music seems pretty decent, not sure if I’m supposed to recognise any but they fit the game quite well.

As for gameplay its hard to say you really play it, I’ve read adventure books before and it never felt the same as other games do.  I decided to play it seriously and choose what i wanted although the fact you choose in real time made it a little harder if you’re not 100% focused. The sections where you could walk felt painfully  slow especially since you were usually on a path surrounded by invisible walls with set things to look at although the story was interesting which was good. Best thing was probably playing as multiple characters although at the same time you could say you don’t really do much at all.

After playing through the game i sort of enjoyed it although part of me was kind of annoyed of how choices had been put together, there wasn’t really more than one answer in some cases and i was really bad at getting what i wanted. Either that or only terrible things happen either way. There was a few times when it really did look like there was differences although you’d have to play the game more than once to find out, plus there’s the obvious fact that not much would happen in the first episode.

Overall i enjoyed it enough that i can recommend it to people that like this sort of thing. After all it is free, however do remember it has to be worth £16 to you (aka the cost of the season pass, buying them all seperately would cost £20 altogether)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


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