Aoharu x Kikanjuu (Anime) Review

Yesterday i got bored and watched the entirety of Aoharu x Kikanjuu (12 episodes) so i felt i might as well review it. The basic plot is Hotaru Tachibana, supposedly a girl that is flawlessly disguised as a guy ends up in “Survival Games” after meeting a ‘host’ called Masamune Matsuoka who then both team up with an Ero-Manga Artist called Tooru Yukimura. Survival games are basically fights with highly realistic BB guns where the aim is to shoot the opponent and when you are hit you are meant to shout hit, it may sound silly but its actually a very important plot point.

Graphics wise it was decent although i almost felt Hotaru looked too much like a boy, i know it was meant to be a plot point but even i never noticed any sort of hint at all. There were even a few times where i thought i might of accidentally watched one of those ‘Boys Love’ anime but luckily this doesn’t focus on any romance. As for music i didn’t really remember it at all.

For 12 episodes it had a decent range of characters all with things you like and dislike about them although at the same time you don’t learn much about them, including the mystery behind why Hotaru would disguise herself in the first place although when she goes all ‘Justice’ she turns awesome. Masamune did seem interesting with the fact his abilities came from his job. Tooru was a bit weird, i personally felt his love for adult oriented manga was really a plot point used mostly for awkward situations with Hotaru (considering he mistakes her for a guy) but he does have likable qualities.

I’m not entirely sure if the plot was rushed or not but it didn’t show as many Survival Games as you’d expect it would and it ended up being pushed aside a little bit for Hotaru’s awkward situation where the group he’s in doesn’t actually allow girls due to something that happened. The enemies were decent and they proved how evil they are pretty well although the fact you don’t see much fighting was a little sad, in fact the tournament that was hyped up for a few of the episodes didn’t last as long as you’d expect and despite it being a decent battle with some nice little twists you probably wanted more. What ultimately kept me watching wasn’t the characters interactions even if they were decent, it was how Hotaru was successfully portrayed as both a ‘monster’ and a total newbie at the same time although at the end it was like the whole 12 episodes were not something to be watched on their own but instead should be a buildup to a second series that doesn’t exist yet.

This causes it to be hard to really say if it really is any good or not. If i were to be optimistic I’d say we’d see more of the awesome fighting and possibly even a time skip, while i would like to see her train i think it’d be more important to actually give a  decent hint at her gender by changing her design a little bit. Worst case scenario would be that it would focus on romance but keep her design thus essentially becoming a ‘boys love’ anime. I’d say possibly put it near the bottom of your watch list and by the time you get around to it there may be more episodes.


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