Cheating in Videogames and why it isn’t all bad.

While alot of people may still remember the days where cheating was the cool thing to do and you had entire books dedicated to them they’ve slowly been getting a bad name until eventually anything is considered evil. But i don’t think they’re as bad as people explain. Do note i am biased as a ‘cheater’ myself so lets first go over some things people don’t like (Note i can’t cheat anymore because i don’t have a PC).

Firstly there’s hacking games with scoreboards, sometimes they give themselves a bunch of advantages over other players but the sad truth is that most of the time the leaderboard gets hacked directly and devs almost never do anything about it. Secondly there’s the people that cheat/hack multiplayer games and screw it over for everything, a good example being the people that hacked Splatoon and caused other peoples games to crash although the CoD franchise is well known for online pretty much dying because of hackers. Do note that i never cheat when playing with other people and even if i was to use an exploit i will go out of my way to teach it to the other person. As for games with scoreboards, all i do is merely do the opposite and hack the score to stay at 0 before going crazy with random stuff.

In fact there’s alot of people these days expressing hatred at cheating in all games including single player games. The reasons are usually along the lines of “It’ll ruin the experience” and while that is true in most cases it really hasn’t got anything to do with them. Because of this behavior I’ve seen a huge decrease of in-game cheats which means things like Big head mode are rare nowadays. Not to mention how awesome it was when you put in a code and are given something not unlockable in any other way, even small things like the secretary theme in Sonic Adventure 2.

Cheats can easily be used in good ways, in fact as long as you don’t cheat in the first play through it can add replayability even when there isn’t any. A good reason in my opinion is taking stress out on difficult games or maybe just certain bosses/enemies, a personal example would be after finally winning Dark Souls i restarted and used the infinite souls exploit to make myself overpowered before destroying all the bosses (that really annoyed me before). Another reason to cheat is to find different ways to play it or just to act like an idiot, for example i once hacked one of the old Call of Duty games so i had infinite potatoes to throw at enemies for no apparent reason. The two can be combined though, perhaps with glitch weapons like wielding a huge spear like a dagger or something. I once tried starting a YouTube series called GodMode forever ago when i did that with Retro games (maybe look them up if you’re bored).

Overall there’s alot of reasons to hate cheating but there’s also a few reasons to like it. What do you think of Cheating? Tell me in the comments and maybe tel me what i should write next.


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