Glitched Out: Assassins Creed 2

As you know I’ve been playing Assassins Creed 2 alot lately because of the tips and tricks post i writ. On top of this i’ve managed to glitch the game so many times that i thought i’d list them here with the potato quality pics to prove it. I’m putting them in order of how i like them.

1. NPC’s floating over benches


I know why this glitch ocurred but i can’t recreate it easily. What happen was i landed close enough to knock them from sitting to standing up for a split second but he then goes back into the sitting position without his body going back down causing him to float.

2. Blind Archer


I’m not entirely sure why it happened but it was amusing. I remember I was on the roof punching a Borgia messenger until i
knocked him out so perhaps i’ll be able to work out how to recreate it if i knock them out every time i see one.

3. So many enemies…


This is a well known glitch but i managed to use it accidentally and work out why it happens. The game basically looks for archers to see if they’re dead or not and if something mysterious were to happen it would spawn a replacement. The glitch works because Archers become normal guards as soon as you approach them and they drop their bow meaning if you escape a small distance and come back new archers will have appeared.

A funny side effect of having loads of enemies is the fact they can’t see through each other. If you were to run around the building they’ll continuously loop between trying to attack you and trying to find you.

4. Floating Dead Enemies

A glitch i found so funny that i had to make a potato quality video for it, I’d like someone to record the glitch for me in better quality. What happens in the video is that when enemies jump off the pole they manage to touch the drowning box (or whatever you call it) but they’re still on land causing them to enter the drowning animation without actually being able to fall and therefore floating hilariously.

Honorable Mention:
There’s a wall in Florence where civilians spawn behind and you can see they’re arms clipping through. Its easy to notice if you’re walking around and suddenly hear something hit water (despite being nowhere near it). I’ll add it once i find it again and take a picture.

If you pull out your weapon immediately after pressing Y to bribe a herald you’ll drop the weapon. This lets you swap it with anything that Ezio could equip anyway, things like Fishing rods and Brooms still get dropped straight away. This is useful very early to get yourself a better sword or a hammer by picking up one from a guard. The best use of the glitch is to temporarily gain the glitch sword aka the broken part of a spear. For some reason if you get a spear and purposely get a brute to break it the top half is not only usable as a sword but you actually keep it in your sword slot until you leave the area or do anything that reloads the game (desynchronising, some missions etc.).

Also the skywalk glitch with the knives was patched ages ago and because i have the digital version on my console i cannot revert to an earlier version.

Thanks for reading, i probably won’t do many posts like this but i hope you enjoyed it. Tell me if you know any glitches i missed.


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