Ghosts ‘N Goblins (NES) Retro Review

Ghosts ‘N Goblins is a 1986 Side scrolling platformer developed and published by Capcom. The goal of the game is to control a knight called Sir Arthur and fight through levels filled with monsters in order to save Princess Prin Prin (worst princess name ever?) from Satan. Its widely considered as one of the hardest NES games especially since it has to be won twice in order to get the true ending.


The title screen was quite simplistic with simple graphics and no music though the severed head you chose options with seemed to be making a statement. In fact the AI in the demo play that appears if you leave it a little while dies quicker than a total newbie would. One odd thing about the menu is, despite blacked out, you could still highlight Continue and choose it although it merely is the same as choosing 1 player.


Getting into the game i found both the graphics and the music quite nice but the difficulty of the gameplay meant you had no time to soak it in. From the very start of the game you are bombarded with endlessly spawning zombies while your character can only take 2 hits before they die with the first hit removing your armor and the second turning you into a skeleton aka killing you (although running around in your underwear seems quite amusing to be honest). It might seem a bit unfair but you can get used to it quite quickly if you’re like me. Although the game did have a few problems with 2 being noticeable from the very first level. First of all the fireball weapon is incredibly difficult to use and unlike other weapons basically means death if you miss, you can usually jump over them but there times where it blocks your path. The second problem are the red devils (i think i got the name right…) which need skill to defeat and one happens to be in the first level before the checkpoint. However despite not being able to get that far i still enjoyed it somehow and really want to try it again (once i have a better contoller than a bluetooth keyboard).

Overall it is a quite difficult game but it doesn’t feel like its fake or cheating and is actually enjoyable even if you aren’t that good. I can definitely recommend it to those that like a challenge.


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