1942 (NES) Retro Review

1942 is a 1986 vertically scrolling shoot ’em up for NES developed and published by Capcom. Despite being made in Japan the goal is to reach Tokyo and destroy the Japanese air fleet (which was done to remain historically accurate).


This game had one of the most ignorable title screens ever consisting of a simple logo, no music at all and 2 obvious choices that need no explaining. The only redeeming factor is the tiny plane.


Getting into the game the graphics were passable but what seemed to be the music wasn’t very good at all. The gameplay was incredibly difficult at first, while i should of expected it from an old game enemies that shoot at you appear from the very first level and you die in a single hit from anything. The controls were ok but i was never able to use the roll move to my advantage in any situation at all. You can get powerups if you get a little it better though which helps you alot and kinda saved my opinion of the game since while i’m always up for a challenge I get put off playing if they seem overly hard. There’s also barely any enemies in this game although I didn’t really care that much. There was 2 little things that bothered me though, the stages seemed to count backwards and while your plane shot more than one bullet at a time they counted as a single projectile.

Overall this is the type of game that you either love or hate (like marmite) depending on how good you are, people like me may find themselves frustrated by their lack of skill so unless you are confident in your ability i can’t recommend it.


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