Urban Champion (NES) Retro Review

Urban Champion is a 1986 fighting game for the NES developed and published by Nintendo. The aim of the game is defeat your opponent in a street brawl by punching them off the pavement and finally into a manhole.


Loading up the game you get a similar menu with a small tune like most other old Nintendo games. Although as i play games without looking up gameplay i was a little confused at why the game used Game A and B when the names to the right were self explanatory. It was interesting to note that this game didn’t use points but instead showed the amount of rounds (3 per opponent).

That's the player getting punched in the face...

Getting into the game i felt the graphics were OK other than fists seemingly merging with opponents faces and the fact everybody has dyed hair (something common in old games). The music was alright and reminded me of Balloon Fight, perhaps they were composed by the same person. While there ultimately isn’t much to the gameplay it does have some depth, giving you 2 choices each of how to punch and where to punch. Blocking was automatic and you can choose to have your fists in front of your face or your body, this already is where you punch meaning a fight turns into who can catch the other off guard without getting rid of their defense too early. On top of this you are given a quick and slightly weak punch as well as a slow powerful one, the strong can not only be blocked but its easy to counter yet its incredibly satisfying if you pull it off especially if it was the last attack before they fall down the hole. Would’ve of been really fun with two players.

Overall while this is a tiny game i quite enjoyed it and recommend giving it a try, especially if you’ve got a friend over or something.


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