Tag Team Wrestling (NES) Retro Review

Tag Team Wrestling is an October 1986 wrestling game for the NES developed by Technôs Japan and published by Data East. The aim of the game is to control a wrestling tag team and defeat a rival team (known as the Strong Bads in the US version) over and over again until you’re a champion and then defeating the in order to defend your title. Its one of those times when i knew a game wouldn’t be a good one.


Loading the game you are met with a simple menu with no sound which slides onto the screen (something which is nothing now but maybe impressive cool back then). There was only 1 player and 2 player so there wasn’t much to talk about.


Getting into the actual game the graphics were passable and the music could be ignored but the gameplay itself is beyond terrible. The only attack i could seemingly do was some pathetic looking thing with my hand (which was actually a grab) and it did absolutely nothing against the opponent who would spam moves like they were nothing. You couldn’t block, you couldn’t run and i have no idea if you can switch team members. In fact the screenshot above wasn’t even that long after starting. On top of all that the game expects you not to only beat the team but to do it over and over again for at least 35 rounds.


I had an idea that i could take out my frustration at the overly difficult AI players by going on to 2 player mode and beating up a non moving person but i ended up learning the true nature of the attacks. Unlike the AI which spams moves again and again doing a grapple gives you 3 seconds to choose a move and confirm it which seems really stupid. On top of this not choosing a move means you do nothing. I can’t imagine just how much more boring real 2 player matches would be to both play and watch.

Overall i really did not like this game and could definitely not recommend it to anyone. I’m not sure if I’d be impressed or highly disappointed if someone actually played this long enough to ‘win’ it.


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