Mach Rider (NES) Retro Review

Mach Rider is a 1986 driving game for the NES developed and published by Nintendo. The goal is to ride a futuristic motorbike and travel through sectors while avoiding or shooting obstacles.


Loading up the game you’re given the usual title with a small tune like most other old Nintendo games but this time it felt like there was more options, this wasn’t the case though but it was better than the annoying Game A and Game B bullshit alot of older games had. Fighting Course was essentially this games version of story mode with alot of levels to play through while Endurance and Solo both needed you to go a certain distance within a time limit (solo is just endurance without enemies). There was also a design mode where you could make your own track.


Getting into the game i actually found the graphics quite nice but i really didn’t like the gameplay. Although that was mostly because i was beyond terrible at it. If you play blindly you won’t know to speed up and will be killed within seconds of starting. And even if you do that its still difficult because of puddles everywhere that almost always kill you. In fact you don’t have lives but an energy bar and if you get hit my anything you suddenly explode for some reason (because someone in the future obviously thought motorbikes weren’t dangerous enough yet). On top of that i never was able to shoot anything because of how hard it was just staying on the road. At the end i was just frustrated and never did find any enjoyment.

10/10 Professional course design.

Despite this i still tested the Design mode and sadly i found huge problems with that as well. Not only did it grey out anything it assumed you didn’t need but it also prioritized pieces that were already put down, this meant you had to delete more than one part in order to replace anything. It even took quite awhile to design and make the track in the above screenshot which was meant to be a simple childish joke for the laughs.

Overall while there may be people that enjoy this game out there i cannot personally recommend it to anyone. There are plenty of other driving games to choose from.


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