Popeye (NES) Retro Review

Popeye is a 1986 platform game for the NES developed and published by Nintendo. The aim of the game is to collect the items that Olive throws while avoiding the big guy (forgot his name…). Unlike alot of platformers Popeye cannot jump and can only punch (which doesn’t work on the big guy).


Loading up the game you’re met with the usual title screen and options from most old Nintendo games but you might recognize the tune if you’ve ever watched the Popeye cartoon. Game B is harder but almost pointless if the player has any skill.


Getting into gameplay the graphics were ok and the music was passable but like alot of arcade style platform games it usually gets drowned out by the sound effects. Controls were incredibly easy to work out as well as what you had to do. The big guy did seem alot more powerful than you with stuff that did seem a little cheating (he can throw projectiles, punch up if you’re standing just above him and jump downwards) except once you got used to it he was actually quite easy to dodge. In fact the sense of power he had made it far more satisfying to beat him temporarily with spinach or even making the bucket fall on his head. It seemed like fun.

One more screenshot and i would of almost shown you the entire game.

However that fun was cut short when i realised there is only 3 stages in the entire game and once you’ve won them it merely runs over. The reason i mentioned Game B was pointless is because that’s basically what Game A’s Round 4-6 is. I know a lack of levels in games this old is common (like the NES Donkey Kong series) but it still feels like I’m playing a demo or something.

Overall the game is ok but its so short that i can’t really recommend it unless you’re trying to beat a record or something.


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