Mario Bros (NES) Retro Review

Mario Bros is a 1986 platform game for the NES developed and published by Nintendo. In this game the goal was to defeat enemies by hitting them from beneath to flip them over and quickly kicking them (by touching them) before they get back up.


Loading up the game you’re met with a menu like most other Nintendo games of the time. The small tune wasn’t nad but it wasn’t memorable either. I also couldn’t be bothered to learn the difference between A and B (or it’d be better to say couldn’t work it out myself).

No difference between 1p and 2p so i took a pic with Luigi in it.

Getting into the game i found the graphics were OK but only if you could ignore the brothers strange decision to dye their hair which wasn’t really the games fault (its interesting to note Luigi wears what I’m sure is Fire Flower clothes though). 1 part of me was sad i couldn’t play this with someone but I was mostly fine since it isn’t really co-op, you are given the ability to easily screw each other over and i found the game hard already without that. The main reason why its difficult is the controls, you’d think its easy just having walk and jump but you only have 2 preset jumps to choose from (an upwards jump if standing still and a forwards jump when moving). This made going up floors harder than it needed to be and i ended up killing myself or letting enemies get back up (which makes them faster). And this wasn’t even mentioning fireballs which aren’t bad but coupled with the controls it annoyed me a lot. This wasn’t simply the case of me being bad and that someone better would enjoy it more, i feel that this version has aged with a sense of false difficulty and i do not like it.

Overall while a lot of people still like this I don’t really see why, perhaps if i somehow got used to the controls I’d think a bit differently but until then i cannot recommend it.


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