Donkey Kong Jr. (NES) Retro Review

Donkey Kong Jr. Is a 1986 arcade style platformer for the NES developed and published by Nintendo. It has the same goal as the original Donkey Kong which is to reach the top while dodging obstacles except this time you play as Junior saving his father from Mario (in his first and only appearance as an antagonist).


When loading the game you’re met with a menu and small tune just like with Donkey Kong although i didn’t like this tune that much this time. On top of that the difference between Game A and B are also the same, B merely being a harder/faster versikn of A.

It took forever to win this level...

Getting into gameplay it immediately felt harder than the first game did. This was because of many reasons like more enemies and climbing but the real reason is you can’t fall at all. Even dropping down from one platform to another kills you and while you could claim Mario can merely because he’s Mario and that Junior is still really young it still seems a bit dumb (I remember hating on some games in Action 52 for that). I did get used to it after a while once i realised how important vines are but i can easily say i prefer the 1st game out of these 2. Although managing to kill enemies by causing fruit to dall on them is satisfying.

Overall its an OK game and definitely fits as a decent sequel but i don’t think its as good as the first. If you’re going to play the first you might as well try this as well afterwards though.


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