Wrecking Crew (NES) Retro Review

Wrecking Crew is a 1985 action game for NES developed and published by Nintendo. The goal is to destroy all breakable objects on the screen as mario or luigi aka 1 or 2 player with a large hammer (which is supposedly heavy enough to stop the brothers from jumping.


Loading up the game you are met with a nice looking but sadly silent title screen. Not only did it have a design option to make your own stages but you could also choose what phase to start on although i found needing to use A+B to choose instead of left+right kind of strange. I’d assume 2 player was merely taking turns but i don’t have 2 players to test that.


Getting into gameplay i was pleasantly surprised with the nice looking graphics and the decent background music. The controls were unbelievably easy to get used to, merely stand in front of what you want to break and press A or B. Dodging enemies was simple most of the time and provided a portion of the games difficulty although you could open doors which they’d enter causing them to temporarily go into the background and not harm you. However you couldn’t use the doors yourself which seemed a little bit weird. The game did have a few annoying points, one of which are random fireballs that appear at the side an travel across the screen. They’re actually easy to dodge but they tend to appear quite suddenly. On top of this if you make a mistake and breaking something becomes impossible you have to either kill yourself or quit the game with select which is basically an instant game over. However despite this i still had a lot of fun playing it. It was interesting to note there was a hammer wielding enemy similar to the player thats believed to be an early version of Wario.

Of course i don't take design seriously lol.

I did try out the Design mode but there seemed to be a lot of flaws even though i did somehow manage to make something that looked like a level. I just could never fully work out how the controls worked no matter how much i tried. The fact you could create 4 levels seemed amazing for a NES game but it seems they don’t save and resetting the game deletes them. On top of this you can’t play one level at a time so when if you only design one it’ll insta-win the other 3 empty levels before looping back to the first. Its not like this mode was ever needed though when the game itself gives you 100 levels to choose from.

Overall while the game has a few problems if is still as fun as ever and something i definitely recommend trying at some point.


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