Tennis (NES) Retro Review

Tennis is a sports game for the NES developed by Nintendo and Intelligent Systems before being published by Nintendo. Just like soccer this is simply a simplified version of tennis.


Like most NES games released around the same time you’re met with a simplistic menu and a small tune. I was happy to see obvious choices instead of ‘Game A’ and ‘Game B’ like a lot of others do (although i was slightly disappointed later).


Getting into gameplay it immediately felt like it had aged like crazy which is sad considering the graphics still looked ok. The false 3d the game relied on was hard to get used to and i never fully got the hang of it. On top of the the controls almost seemed oversimplified to the point it actually got harder. You could turn your character with left and right but you could only use 1 type of hit. I don’t know much about tennis but I’d imagine one button should’ve been a Forehand swing and the other a Backhand swing. However unlike other sports games i wasn’t terrible at this one (other than getting tonnes of faults…)


I did try to see what double play was but ended up disappointed as it was a 2p only game, i had hoped to have a cpu player on my side and to me that didn’t seem like it would’ve been that hard to do.


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