Soccer (NES) Retro Review

Soccer is a 1985 sports simulation game for NES developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. As you could of guessed its a highly simplified game of soccer.


Loading up the game i was met with a simplistic menu and small but nice tune that i was starting to expect in these NES games except unlike the others the logo was slightly animated (One letter would be orange at a time going left to right). Although i was far more impressed when i got to the selection screen. It had decent graphics (including a team preview) and a tune as well as decent options including player difficulty and half time length. Like all old games the tune did get slightly annoying if you took too long choosing somehow.

I can guess all the teams except FRG. Anyone know what it is?

Getting into gameplay i was happy to hear music in a sports game and the simplistic graphics were well used in my opinion. However the controls almost felt a bit laggy and i could barely pass at all. Even shooting seemed awkward but i did somehow get a goal at some point during the review session. If you lose the ball it gets quite annoying, you can’t tackle so you’re left chasing whoever has the ball and I’m not sure its you choosing who you play as or the computer picking it for you (or both). It was sadly obvious that the game had aged quite alot.


Before i finished the review session i decided to have a match against difficulty 5 NPC’s and was absolutely destroyed. While they seemed really good at passing i was happy that there wasn’t any noticeable AI cheats like some games are known for using. This meant getting good at this game might be slightly worth trying.

Overall its sort of OK but I’m not sure if its me that caused the problems or the gameplay itself. Perhaps someone could try it but i warn you that you may not enjoy it at all.


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