Ice Climber (NES) Retro Review

Ice Climber is a 1985 Platformer for the NES developed and published by Nintendo. Your goal is to climb upwards in order to reach the top of each ‘mountain’ and recover your stolen vegetables.


When loading the game i found the menu nice and simplistic as usual, the small tune was decent and having both a top score as well as a last score for both players is awesome. I found it interesting that the game would let you start wherever you want, especially since starting from the first mountain would get you more points but it did make getting screenshots easier.


Getting into the game i found the graphics quite nice, the fact there was colored ice was a bit strange but i really liked the player and enemy sprites. As for gameplay, i did enjoy it but it may be another game that i couldn’t enjoy to the fullest simply because I’m not that good at it. I found jumping (the most important part of the game) surprisingly difficult and would usually end up suiciding. Other than that i found beating enemies quite easy because of how the hammer works, it was interesting to note that your could defeat enemies by hitting them with your hammer while jumping but not by landing on them which is the opposite of Mario. Getting to the peak would start a mini game where you must collect the vegetables and sadly i was absolutely terrible at it, i don’t think I’ve ever completed them.


Something else i felt like pointing out was that cheating was entirely possible. By staying to the edge of the screen and waiting the game would eventually start teleporting you up floors until floor 6. On top of this the characters sprite will start flashing making you invincible until you start moving again. This works on all levels, even mountain 32 aka the last level in the game.

Overall its a nice game which and another I’d enjoy more if i was only better at it. I would recommend giving it a try, especially for people that like these sorts of platformers.


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