Golf (NES) Retro Review

Golf is a 1985 sports simulation game for NES developed and published by Nintendo. In it you play a top down game of golf (as you could of guessed) and is the first golf simulator to use a power/accuracy bar.


When you load the game you are met with awkward silence in the menu which follows you into actual gameplay, the sounds you’ll hear the most are the ball flying in the air and getting Out of Bounds (unless you’re good at this game). I’m not a big fan of golf so this silence made it harder to play. As for the graphics, they were ok and fit their purpose especially the 3d view which i thought was slightly cool for a NES game.


However gameplay-wise this was definitely not a kind i could enjoy, although if you put some time and effort in you might. As i mentioned earlier I’m not a golf fan so i have no idea what most of the clubs do and even if i did i still wouldn’t know how to use the power bar to get the shots i want. The information didn’t do that much to help me because i was terrible at the game either way. I ultimately just ended up frustrating myself and that’s why this review is shorter than usual.

Overall its probably an ok game although i wouldn’t recommend it to people that haven’t played it before unless you’ve got more golf knowledge than me and can work out what to do.


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