Jumpy Camel (Android) Review

Jumpy Camel is an android arcade game by Tweet Tech where you play as a camel and tap to jump over obstacles (store page description describes a racing game…).


When first loading the game it didn’t seem that bad if you could ignore the constantly looping music. The graphics also seemed passable as well but i decided to wait until actual gameplay before i came to conclusions. Options were simple with the usual music/sound toggle as well as a toggle for ? which was confusing. The stats screen seemed nice at first too, even if its obvious to have one in this sort of game.

This is all the graphics in the game in one pictures (holes don't have any).

However as soon as i got into gameplay i immediately hated it. Not only did it seem laggy and the jump sometimes feel unresponsive but every time you lost (very quickly) you’d be reminded about hearts and have a small picture ad thrown at you. On top of this I saw just how horrible the graphics really are, not only is it all repetitive but the running animation is the only one the camel has making jumping look really stupid and very awkward.

Overall its a terrible game that shouldn’t be downloaded by anyone, its a good thing no one can find it on Google Play unless you search a word like ‘Camel’.


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