IbilWars Free (Android) Review

IbilWars Free is a free android game by Sileria where you try to get balls in holes on a board in order to score points and move your camel towards the finish line. As this is a free version it ultimately has some stuff missing from the paid version.


Loading up the menu i noticed the menu seemed ok except for the lack of music (and the title). As well as the common ‘New game’ and Multiplayer (which is disappointingly Local only) there is also score, options and demo. Score reminds you of your best scores per level but its nice to have. Options were ok with proper volume levels instead of just toggles and a few other things including vibration toggles and player name. Demo was essentially the single player game being controlled by a CPU (who worryingly wasn’t actually that good).


As soon as i got into the gameplay myself i found throwing the ball incredibly awkward as merely sliding upwards did nothing, i couldn’t explain how i managed to throw it now and then but aiming was practically impossible and it rarely got that high (no wonder even a CPU had a hard time…). This is made 1000x worse by the fact the camels belonging to the bots slide along as if they were using cheat codes or something and beat me very quickly (and this was only level 1).

Overall this is a cool idea that was terribly executed. Considering you can’t even get past 1 level in this free version the paid version seems totally pointless (its £1 by the way). Yet another game i found by searching camel…


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