Crafty Candy (Android) Review

Crafty Candy is an Android Match 3 game by Outplay Entertainment Ltd (@outplayent on twitter) themed around candy and witches. The gimmick this game advertises is battles against Trixie (the evil sister of Candice, the player character) and the ability to craft boosters.


Getting into the game i noticed the graphics were quite good, i wasn’t that sure about the music though but it did fit with the games theme and that’s all that really matters. As for gameplay i was pleasantly surprised at how it was focused around collecting certain colors and types from the start and not the generic ‘get this many points’ levels that other Match 3 games are known for. First impressions was that it was quite enjoyable and the game was very quick to introduce alot of variety in both mechanics and game modes (Fill the pot and Defeat Trixie for are 2 examples). I was on the look out for the usual free to play behaviour though.


However there seemed to be no difficulty spikes and you never felt forced to use boosters either. I found the crafting system highly disappointing as it used candies you get only once per level for winning which meant it was essentially an ‘illusion of choice’ that would eventually run out. Although the fact i never didn’t need to use powerups, rarely lost lives and didn’t spend any coins meant i ignored it anyway.


I managed to get to Level 23 before i got a little bit stuck and to my surprise i realised i had played without noticing any microtransactions at all (the closest was being asked if i wanted to get more moves instead of losing where i always choose the latter). On top of this you get 60 coins for connecting to Facebook (a usual thing in these types of game) which is enough to refill your hearts 6 times as long as you don’t waste them on anything else. I can see the game possibly getting a bit annoying in the later levels after you’ve run out of coins but you can easily play for a few hours without worrying about it if you’re good at these games.

Overall it was quite an enjoyable game, the usual free to play mechanics were watered down enough that they don’t bother you and i recommend giving it a try.


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