Sort Me! The Game (Android) Review

Sort Me! The Game is a free Android Puzzle game by Eyepatch Games (@eopdev on twitter) where “your objective is to sort the numbers on the hive from the lowest on the top to the highest on the bottom. Here’s the link:


Loading up the game i noticed it wasn’t locked to Portrait Mode despite blatantly not being made for that as holding the tablet sideways (landscape) would give a highly shrinked portrait view of the game with huge black bars (or boxes in the cases) either side. There are also small black bars in Portrait Mode too but it doesn’t affect gameplay. However it still should be fixed it possible.


Getting into gameplay i found it surprisingly simple and relaxing but it ultimately felt a bit lacking after a while. The fact there is no music/sound other than the noise when you choose two blocks not next to each other (or the same block twice) doesn’t help this. On top of this it was sadly made worse that by choosing two non-adjacent blocks and very quickly picking a third you can break the game (although you can press the back button and just redo the level). And if i wanted to be picky I’d say the hive graphics needed some tweaking, perhaps honeycomb color blocks with more noticeable borders.

This is not meant to happen...

However despite this i did see alot of potential, especially seeing as its a very new game. On top of simple things like adding more levels to the current 3 (21, 28, 36 etc) or maybe even having different shapes there could easily be different game modes. As it is now the current game mode you’re given is more of a practice mode, other modes could include a timed mode and possibly a mode where you are given set combinations with only a limited amount of moves to solve it. However both of these ideas would take an extreme amount of time and effort for one person so unless they get help i don’t see it happening.

Overall its an ok game but at the moment its not as good as it could be. I’ll be happy to re-review it if it gets any major updates though.


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