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Cave Blast is a free Android Arcade game by SnoutUp (@SnoutUp on twitter) where you play as a piglet (or other characters) stuck with a jetpack and a pistol. You have to survive against monsters for as long as possible with the help of powerups ands crazy weapons. You can download it here.

Update: As of 10/03/2018 rechecking my posts its far too obvious this needs a re-review as I doubt its still wip.

The title screen/main menu was nice and simplistic with ok graphics and some decent background music. There wasn’t many options, just toggles for music/sound as well as controls which let you move and change the size of the two digital sticks (something stick on analogue sticks would work well with) which is quite nice. The character select was also quite cool even if they are currently only alternate skins at the time of reviewing this.


Getting into gameplay itself i found it a bit hard to get used to the controls but once i had some practice i had quite a bit of fun. Powerups actually made you feel powerful and the alternate weapons were all awesome, however i found being able to get a cool weapon and then accidentally replace it with another straight away a little annoying. The information at the top of the screen was also a nice addition to the game although at the same time the simplicity made it look like dev information and not something that was meant to be there. My high score is 55 at the time of this review.

Unlike other games I’ve reviewed this one is still in active development meaning its almost definitely going to get updated. Different locations would definitely be cool (2 ideas could be fiery cave filled with lava, dungeon filled with prisons in the background). Character ideas would be kinda easy if you only wanted skins as you could pick more animals (fox, frog, wolf, cat etc). I can’t think of any imaginative weapons although shurikens would be cool. Also i think the dev should add a hidden easter egg to their game, i happen to like trying to convince them too.

Overall this is a fun game and definitely worth a try, I’ll be very happy to update my review if anything more is added to the game.

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