Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight (Xbox Live Arcade) Review

Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight is a Match 3 style game created by SuperVillain Studios with characters from the disney movie Frozen. I remember seeing something similar on Google Play so i had to download it and find out if this was a genuine free to play game or a cheap cash-in using something popular among kids in order to lure them in. I had already noticed Characters as DLC before playing the game.

On the menu the options had only Sound/Music On/Off which is about right for a kids game and the achievements seemed easy-ish too. I jumped into playing the game straight away, sadly i couldn’t play Multiplayer for obvious reasons. Clicking on Single Player immediately shows me a ‘Daily Reward’ which got me a heart, causing me to check the store and have my worries immediately verified. This had Mobile style microtransactions with hearts, powerups and characters all costing money with the cheapest being £0.79, unlocking all 9 extra characters costing £15.99 (although you can unlock them) and the ‘Avalanche’ (a big pack of powerups and hearts) being the most expensive at a massive £39.99. The only question now was how playable was it without paying.

I decided to hold off on hating it a little bit since it gives you 15 lives to use from the start that only dissapear when you lose but i had a feeling that would happen soon. The gameplay is exactly as you’d expect with well known special blocks like row destroyers, bombs and rainbow all being changed for ice things like Windchill (yes that sounds dumb) and Glacier. The first levels were obviously easy but when powerups got introduced i had a feeling levels would spike in difficulty and it did seem to although thankfully not as obvious as some other games. Other Game types like collect the items and clear the snow were slowly introduced too.

After playing until i started getting bored i had to admit it was a bit fun. However no matter how fun it was it would never lighten my opinion on microtransactions, especially in games obviously aimed at children that don’t know better. Also i wasn’t that much of a fan of ‘Beat the Clock’ levels, mostly because i don’t like being rushed but i also was curious how well a young kid could do on those levels (without powerups).

Overall, it was an ok Match 3 type game and might be worth a download considering its free however i recommend spending money elsewhere. If it had been sold for around £5 instead of going ‘Free-to-Play’ i might of said it could be worth the money but ultimately some devs only want profit.


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