Extraction (2012) Movie Review

Extraction is a 2012 Drama/Scifi movie directed by Nir Paniry where an engineer (aka Thomas Jacobs) creates a device that allows him to entrr peoples memories but an accident causes him to get stuck within the mind of a criminal and the only chance of gettin out is to partner up with him.

While the beginning of the movie was sort of interesting it also introduced the jumpy nature the film seemed to like with some scenes looking seemingly pointless without context. However it does manage to give an ok introduction to Thomas and the device despite the fact that said device had already been half made at the beginning which was kind of weird. Since it showed you a scene of him noting that He’d been trapped for over 4 years before seeing him use the device you could say its all his memories of the experiment that we were seeing but i still thought it was poorly done.

The idea of looking through memories was a cool idea but not only did it still seem a little jumpy but there was also alot of repetition. I do have to admit the glitch in the system was quite cool and the sort of believable but the idea that Thomas was somehow still in Anthony’s (the criminals) mind and even still had access to Minny (the program used to go through memories) despite the only thing connecting Anthony and the device being a tiny chip seemed incredibly dumb.

In fact after most of the movie has gone by you realise that you’ve mostly been watching talking for most of it and while what is said isn’t exactly boring you do get left with the sense that nothing happened, something the repeat locations or ‘Meeting Places’ did not help with.

The lat part tried to be cool and i have to say the part where they slowly replaced placeholders was actually was impressive. However the ending and what leads up to it kills the entire movie, I’m not not sure if if was supposed to be a bitter sweet ending or something but to me it made everything that happened seem pointless even though you do find out what happened. While the moral of the story was quite cool it didn’t lighten my opinion on the plot and how it was executed.

Overall while the idea seemed cool i feel they failed to take it to its full potential and ultimately was both boring and almost a waste of time thanks to the ending. I cannot recommend it at all, I’ll have to be more careful when picking up random movies from charity shops to review.


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