Birdemic: Shock and Terror (Movie) Review

Birdemic: Shock and Terror (more like Shocking and Terrible) is a 2010 ‘horror’ film by James Nguyen where eagles and vultures attack for seemingly no reason. Its currently in 8th place in IMDB’s Bottom 100 movies of all time.

Considering it starts immediately with a long pointless car journey filmed with horrible camera work and looping music i knew it was going to be worthy of its ranking. I legitly thought I’d lose my sanity before the movie even started.
The camera looks like the characters are being stalked by a teleporting idiot most of the time and scenes are literally patched together out of random clips as you can see things in the background either disappearing or changing on multiple occasions. I couldn’t help but imagine that even the Philips CDI had better video. Not to mention the characters feel like robots with the main character being the most dead out of them all.

In fact for a large portion of the movie you just follow said main character as he does some of the most boring things you can possibly think of like working at his sales job and going on a date where he talks about his sales job. At this point i felt you could point a camera at anyone and it’d be better than this movie. In fact it takes well over 20 minutes for the first sign of the birds (aka worst CGI ever) and then another 10 minutes of incredibly boring stuff until the second one, ignoring the fact its just dead.

However around 47 minutes you’re suddenly hit by a flood of terrible CGI and ear piercing screeches (I was wearing earphones…) as the attack thats supposed to be the main plot point of the movie finally starts. I can not explain just how bad it was, and the exploded for some reason too…

It somehow got worse and worse though and i legitly started to feel sorry for the actors that were in this (one scene has 3 of them swatting the air with hangers). In fact there are so many plot holes and questionable stuff in this movie thats way too easy to notice (especially a certain goof concerning a tank of petrol). The birds even managed to do some sort of acid attack in one scene which was both confusing and stupid.

I did somehow survive until the end though and even picked up the moral of the story too: We need to stop Global Warming or birds will become deadly acid spitting exploding things and bark beetles will eat the trees.

Overall this easily counts as self torture, its terrible in every possible aspect a movie can be it (Plot, Characters, Sound, CGI etc). DO NOT WATCH!


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