Metropolis (2001) (Movie) Review

Metropolis is a 2001 Anime movie based on the manga by Osamu Tezuka. The basic plot consists of Kenichi and his uncle trying to find the mystery behind a robot girl known as Tima.

The start of the movie was interesting in my opinion as it merely hinted at the problems and the bad guys without blatantly pointing them out like some movies do. It was also notable that both the music and visuals (especially the character design) were really nice looking despite being around 14 years old now.

Before Tima appeared i felt they were already trying to show the robots it a different light without even needing to show actual emotion. Also the movie seemed to focus on showing the world around the characters whilst also progressing the story and even though some characters weren’t there for long they still managed to portray a hint at their personalities.

When Tima does finally appear it starts switching between characters alot while also introducing others yet it never felt rushed, in fact it felt like the story was moving in the background as well which some stories fail to do at all (in some cases either showing you too much or skipping something you feel could be important) . While the entire story probably didn’t exist entirely within the runtime of the movie it certainly felt possible and thatz what i liked the most about it.

While it wasn’t a happy film fron the very start it did slowly seem to get darker with various well placed twists and turns to keep the watcher on their toes, none of which seeming forced or rushed. The last part was quite strange as it should of been sad and yet it didn’t really give off that tone at all. Although it wasn’t a happy one either for obvious reasons. While its not really the type of ending i prefer it fit the style the manga creator likes using.

Overall i thought it was quite a good movie and definitely was an adventure although people that are obsessed with action might find this movie boring.


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